3 Top Ways to Stream Netflix on TV Screen

Before the introduction of smart TVs, streaming movies on Netflix used to be available only to computers or laptop owners, but now you can enjoy the thrill the big television screen brings together with your Netflix favorite movies.

You can watch Netflix almost from every internet connection PC, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, set-up boxes or video console games. Below are ways that you can watch Netflix on your TV.

Streaming Netflix from smart TV

If your smart TV can allow you to install applications, then Netflix will be available or your remote can have a Netflix button as Netflix works with most of the TV manufacturers to provide Netflix streaming services to their customers. The first step is to connect your TV to your network via the internet port, mostly at the back or at one side of the television. You can also connect via a wireless connection by selecting the network via internet settings and then entering a password using the remote control.

Step two is to open TV apps by pressing the “My Apps” button from the remote. The buttons may vary from TV to TV. Select the Netflix app and press enter or OK on your remote. If you do not have the Netflix app, you will need to download it from Smart TV’s app store. Installation procedures also vary depending on your TV brand manufacturer and in some cases, you may need to update the firmware first to access the applications.

If you can successfully launch the app from the TV, the remaining steps to start streaming is to log in with your username and password and then using the remote to navigate between movies. Highlight the movie you wish to watch and press OK on the remote to play.

Not possessing a smart TV should not stop you from watching Netflix on your big screen as there are many options that you can achieve the same. Read on to learn how.

Streaming Netflix from PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles

If you are a gamer, you might be having the famous Sony PlayStation or the evolving Xbox already that you can use to watch movies and TV shows from Netflix.

Locating the Netflix app varies depending on the version of the PlayStation. In this case, we are using PlayStation 4. Refer to guidelines from Sony’s website if you have version 3 or 5. Search for Netflix from the PlayStation Store, select download to install, go to PlayStation hub, select TV and Video, locate Netflix from the content area, then click start. Sign up and start streaming.

On Xbox one series, go to Store, select Netflix, select install and open it once the download finishes. On the member sign in, supply your Netflix login credentials and select sign in. Also, note that Xbox series X/S and the Netflix streaming feature is only available to regions where that have Xbox live service and Netflix.

Streaming Netflix from Mobile devices and computers

Chromecast allows you to cast your favorite movies from your phone or laptop to your TV. Connect the Chromecast dongle to the HDMI port on your TV, then connect Chromecast to a power source. On TV, select the HDMI source you connected the Chromecast to. Set Up Chromecast on your mobile phone, download Netflix App from the PlayStore and open it. Login to your account and select the movie you want to watch. 

On a laptop, you can use the Chromecast or simply stream Netflix from the web browser using HDMI cable to use your TV as a second screen. Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick, among many others, provide set-up boxes that support streaming Netflix content. You only need an account and an active subscription to enjoy the service.