Differences Between iPad And Fire Tablet You Should Know

Even though there are similarities between iPad and Fire HD 10 concerning storage, memory, quad-core processor, battery life, and almost the same screen size of 10 inches, there also many differences that can influence your choice in purchasing them.

Below are some of the differences in features that will help to make the best purchase decision based on what is important to you

Mobile apps

The operating system of the Fire Tablet is based on Android. It does not support Google play store applications. The apps are restricted to Amazon based applications: Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music.

Using a fire tablet, you will not be able to access Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, and any other Google application. While also iPad is centered on its applications, you will be able to enjoy Google applications and many applications from the apple store.


Fire tablet can be a nice device for you if you are on a tight budget. The Fire HD tablet is relatively cheaper than the iPad tablet. You can also get it at a lower price than the selling price because Amazon can subsidize it for you by allowing you to watch ads.

Though Apple devices are becoming cheaper than they have ever been, they are not getting anywhere closer to the price of Amazon fire tablets. For a price comparison, you can get iPad 12.9 at around $939.99 and fire from $149.99.

Network connectivity

When it comes to network connectivity, the majority of Amazon Fire tablets are used only with the WiFi connection. That means when you are away from your local WiFi connection, you will not be able to download books, media, or surf the internet.

Some fire tablets like the Kindle Fire HD have an iPad that comes with a 4G LTE bundled mobile plan that can be limited to the amount of data transfer per month. iPad has a cellular feature where you can insert a SIM card and enjoy 3G, 4G, and soon 5G connection from anywhere.

Performance and storage

In terms of performance, the iPad tablet carries the day with its latest A10 Fusion Processor. The latest iPads run at a speed of above 2.3GHZ. While Fire HD 10 can manage 1.8Ghz.

So the iPad is a great companion if you want to run almost everything from your tablet, from playing games, streaming online content, switching from applications, and doing office work without lags.

Ipad tablets storage capacity ranges from 16GB to 512GB and no slot for external memory card, albeit fire tablet comes in storage capacity of 16GB to 64GB with a slot of external memory card expandable up to 512GB.

Authentication and multiple accounts

Fingerprint unlocking feature is not enabled in the fire tablet-like in the iPad, only allows the use of a password or PIN. Fire tablet allows you to create multiple accounts if you want to share your tablet with family members or friends.

It comes with a feature called FreeTime for setting multiple-accounts and creating access limits like parental control in the iPad. You can play your games and create content without interfering with other people’s files and profiles.

Audio and Resolution

While the iPad comes with a single stereo speaker, the Fire tablet has dual stereo speakers on both sides of the display to give you a bigger sound and greater sound when watching movies and listening to music.

An iPad tablet can be small, but it has a higher resolution, almost twice that of a bigger fire tablet, for improved image and color quality. Despite that, a big screen fire tablet allows you to watch HD content on it.

Camera and Stylus

Cameras are a little bit better on the iPad tablet, even though the fire tablet has a higher resolution front camera. The images are low resolution and not full HD when compared with those taken from the iPad.

The iPads have stylus support with apple pencil, whereas the fire tablet does not. You can use a squishy stylus pen, but it is not as good as the native iPad stylus.