How PS5 Differentiated Itself From Xbox Series X

PS5 and Xbox Series X, the new next-generation consoles, are all about speed, power, and realistic visuals. The consoles are made by Sony and Microsoft, respectively.

These next-generation consoles exhibit many cool features which entails, fast load times, lots of memory, use of SSDs, powerful CPUs and GPUs, higher resolution support, and higher refresh rate targeting to achieve 120 fps. Both consoles aim at delivering games constantly at 4K resolution or higher at 60 -120 frames per second.

DualSense Controller

The DualSense controller has now replaced rumble motors with Haptic feedback. It mimics various actions being performed and the haptic feedback allows for more specific responses in the game. Unlike DualShock 4, the current generation controller is packed with a higher capacity battery.

In the place of the Share button in the previous-gen, DualSense has a create button. The controller also has a built-in mic and headphone jack. The Xbox Series X controller is like its predecessors except for the slight change in form factor with only the introduction of a share button as a notable change.

With the built-in mic and headset jack, gamers can chat with other gamers online. The controller also has a dedicated mute button.

PlayStation VR and PlayStation camera

PS5 provides for VR support compatibility with the new next-generation PS5. Accessories necessary for PS5 owners to play VR games include PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, and an adaptor. PlayStation VR provides incredible immersions to VR games this is because of the 3D depth-sensing and dual lenses technology present in the PlayStation Camera.

It has an adaptable stand that makes capturing game sessions easy. PlayStation Camera has numerous capabilities including video broadcasting, facial recognition, voice commands, and accurate tracking. Microsoft on the other hand will not provide VR that is supported by Xbox Series X.

Exclusive games

PS5 still dominates in exclusive game line-up even though Xbox has not put in much fight. Sony’s healthy collection of exclusives include Demon’s Souls, The Pathless, Marvel’s Spiderman- Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Bugsnax. Each game achieves something that had never been achieved before. However, it launched with a selection of third-party games that received updates to enable them to utilise the new hardware.

Custom SSD

PS5’s SSD is custom made. Sony has moved from hard drives to SSD in PS5. PS5 has a custom ultra-fast 825GB SSD which is expandable via NVME. On the other hand, Xbox Series X also makes use of a custom 1TB SSD and supports proprietary expansion cards. Both consoles support external HDD.

It has slight advantage over Xbox Series X SSD when loading games. PS5 console can store and play PS4 compatible games on an external hard drive that supports superspeed USB. The PS5 can push through data at 5.5GBps shaming Xbox Series X at 2.4GBps. 

Refreshed User Interface

PlayStation’s tile-based user interface remains the same. PS5 user interface has been refreshed with new features. PS5’s user interface is by far smoother than its predecessors. It reduces load times and transitions when navigating the user interface is significantly reduced.

PS5 UI also comes with new and improved features aimed at improving user experience. Such features like Control Center allows users to access frequently accessed games and system features without leaving any game. This is achieved by pressing the PS button on the controller. PS5’s UI also provides for Universal search.


Between the two next-generation consoles, PS5 stands out in terms of IO. Both consoles have HDMI, ethernet, and USB Type-A, but PS5 has USB Type-C which is absent in the next-generation Xbox. PS5 comes equipped with 802.11ax Wi-Fi. PS5 Wi-Fi antenna supports Wi-fi 6 standards with a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps.

3D audio

With PS5 3D audio is attainable via Pulse 3D wireless headset. This headset has a refined design, noise-cancelling ability, and use USB Type-C.